Topic: How to embed a widget on your web site, on a blog or a social network

Embeding the widget or 3d album on a web page is pretty simple procedure that will make you homepage, blog or social page look georgous and extraordinary.

First, you need to log in to make your widget be hosted on for more then two weeks. More - means forever, exepting vis major )

After logging in go to the widget page here - handle_url_tag('')

1) Create your own widget using photos from Flickr(TM) or from any web link. Don't forget to choose a proper template and to set a name for your widget. Then just manage the chosen photos and hit the button "Create widget".

2) So then you'll se the page with widget settings. On this page you can easily change widget size, background color and album start mode (with or without "Click to start" picture). Don't forget to click "Apply" button to save changes.

3) When you were play with album settings and click "Apply", embed code is immediately changes. So just copy it from the right side of the page and paste in your homapage code or as HTML code on a blog or social network. It will have a special look!

To access the page with album/widget options at any time after creation you need to log in into your account. After logging in you will be automatically redirected on the page with all your albums. Then go to the page with the widget options by clicking the link "album options" under a chosen album/widget. Then you already know how to make embedding. cool

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