Topic: Quick photo enhancement. Solving the most common problems

What are the most common problems of digital photos? Obviously, they are bad colors, low contrast, digital noise and poor sharpness. Portrait photos are also often ruined by the notorious "red eye" effect.
You can say, there are plenty of photo editing programs that are able to solve all the above mentioned defects. But how much time will you spend fixing your pictures?

The free online handle_url_tag('', '') service is a really smart alternative. Here we'll tell you how it works.

Very often, you have photos similar to this (the left part of the photo) - with low contrast, dull colors and bad lighting (too dark or over-exposed):

handle_img_tag('', false)

Look how can improve it.

1) Open handle_url_tag('') and upload a photo you need to improve. Click "From disk" to upload a photo from your computer, or click "Enter URL" to upload an image from the Internet.

handle_img_tag('', false)   

2) After you have uploaded a photo, you will see the enhanced image instantly.
Tip: You can check or uncheck the enhancement options, depending on what type of correction your photo really needs.
To compare the result with the original photo, switch between the ‘Source’ and ‘Result’ radio buttons.

handle_img_tag('', false)

3) Now you can save the resulting image any way you like

[*]Share it easily to any site or blog with the given codes; get short URLs to post the image on Twitter or anywhere else; or post it instantly to a social network (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others) with a button click![/*]
[*]Save it to disk[/*]
[*]or Send it as an e-card (you can create a fun e-card with your resulting image and send it to a friend) [/*]
', '*')

The quest for the perfect product never ends!

Re: Quick photo enhancement. Solving the most common problems

Hey Admin!

Thanks for the great tip!

It sure looks like Enhance Photo can help a great deal to improve the looks of my older photos.

I think it's partly the camera I use, or that I don't know how to use the settings in the camera.

Every time I look at the pictures I take, they don't seem splendidly clear, it's as if I have blurry vision and need some form of handle_url_tag('', 'eyesight correction').

Long term wise though, it'd probably be better if I can use a better camera and learn to optimize the settings, so I wouldn't have to edit the pictures manually in the future.

Thanks again!

Talk soon!

Re: Quick photo enhancement. Solving the most common problems

Thanks for the tips handle_url_tag('', ':)') handle_url_tag('', ':)') it was very helpful handle_url_tag('', ':)') handle_url_tag('', ':)') i appreciate it handle_url_tag('', ':)') handle_url_tag('', ':)')

Re: Quick photo enhancement. Solving the most common problems

Awesome and very helpful shared tip smile