Topic: is the way to share your pictures with no effort!

Imagine you took a bunch of photos at a Birthday party and are looking for an easy way to share them with your friends. handle_url_tag('', '') is what the doctor ordered! Just browse photos on your Android device, select as many pictures as you want and instantly share them to your Facebook Timeline, on Twitter or via e-mail.

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No registration needed: as soon as you have installed the app, you are ready to start. We don't take any fee for sharing or hosting photos - everything is totally FREE.

When sharing a set of photos you can give a name to your photo set and fill out your personal information - OR - skip all these steps and just share.

As soon as you have shared a photo set, you get an elegant short link to it. All links generated by the app start with handle_url_tag('') - this will give the recipient a clue about what exactly is being shared. More than that, every single photo from a photo set is also assigned a unique short URL starting with handle_url_tag(''), so that you could share a link to a particular photo as well.

The reasonable question is how you can manage your photo sets, if you don't register any account. The answer is easy - just go to the photo set page inside the app and edit or delete this set. You can also copy and send yourself the link to the management page to be able to edit/delete your photo set from anywhere.

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[*]Fast and easy sharing of multiple photos[/*]
[*]Clear interface with nothing unnecessary[/*]
[*]Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere[/*]
[*]Short intuitive links to photo sets and single photos (like handle_url_tag('') [/*]
[*]No registration needed[/*]
[*]Unlimited photo uploads and hosting for free[/*]
[*]Remote management of photo sets[/*]
', '*')

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