Topic: Are you ready to feel rich and famous today with CoverCam?

Are you ready to feel rich and famous today?

With CoverCam your photo will finally make it to where it deserves to be - cover pages of World's top magazines.

Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, you name it! Some folks have to build their careers for decades, undergo plastic surgeries and sell their soul to the devil just to get there. You only need to download this free app, take a nice photo of yourself and choose your favorite magazine (or all of them really!)

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Currently available (and more are coming soon!):
[*]Rolling Stone[/*]
[*]Marie Claire[/*]
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Download handle_url_tag('', 'CoverCam') on the App Store for free! With but one click you'll instantly occupy the covers of your favorite magazines.

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When the app is updated and new features arrive we will post news here. Come back soon if you don't want to miss anything interesting!

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