Topic: Photo! WEB album install

I have used your WebAlbum product a lot and love it. I have a website that used to be devoted to a product (somewhat expensive) called FlipAlbum. I am featuring your product on my rewrite of the site.
I wondered if you had considered changing a couple things on the product to make it more effective for those folks using it today. Like: Removing the Publish To Photo option in the Publish routine, or simply removing that window. Second, Removing the Pho.To button from the toolbar, since it is no longer applicable? Maybe removing the option to check for updates.
I know you have chosen not to actively support this app, but there are plenty of folks out there that find it useful.
Maybe I am asking too much, but I thought I would give it a try.

Thank You

Re: Photo! WEB album install

Dear PhysicsTech2, we'd love to help with this software, but we physically don't have enough resources for doing it, sorry.

The quest for the perfect product never ends!