Topic: Is Photo 3d album


Is Photo 3D album reached the end of its road?

If this is true, it would be so sad, because Photo 3d Album is the most amazing product you have created. I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. The other products that you do can be found all over the internet.

Photo 3D album is unique.

It seem like that the development of this product have stopped for sometime now.

I was hoping that after was up and running well some time would be devoted to Photo 3D album.

As far as I see it, this product just needed a few things to be complete:

', '*')background music (you have already included it in the screensaver)
', '*')convert to dvd and to mobile
', '*')ability to name gallery

Re: Is Photo 3d album

Hi slowly!

Seems like it reached the end, yes. Now we don't have programmers for this task and don't really believe in it's success.
But thank you for your kind words and for being with us all this time.

The quest for the perfect product never ends!