Topic: Your help in services translation is welcome!

Dear Users!

You are welcome to translate our services into most widespread languages
(Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and more!)

Help us and your friends to start using professional services with ease! smile

handle_img_tag('', false)

The services you can translate are:

[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Online Photo! Editor')[/*]
[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Photo! Presentation Widget')[/*]
[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Makeup Photo!')[/*]
[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Funny Photo!')[/*]
[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Cartoon Photo!')[/*]
[*]handle_url_tag('', 'Enhance Photo!')[/*]
', '*')

Note! Funny Photo! and Makeup Photo! services are already translated in some languages, so write us a letter at pr@vicman[dot]net before you will start a translation. This will save your valuable time.

The quest for the perfect product never ends!