Topic: Adding a border to the pictures for better fitting

Dear Funny Photo! users,

we want to show you the power of our cropping tool, that is available whan you are uploading your photos to services.
This tool is very helpful for handle_url_tag('') service, because sometimes the photos doesn't fit well into the templates.

So here is the steps how to add a border to the photos easily:

1. Open handle_url_tag('') page and click "Browse" button. The pop-up window will appear.

3. Click "Browse" in appeared window and choose the image to upload. Then click "Upload".

2. Now you can move the border points of uploaded image (there are white points situated around the uploaded image).
Also you can choose the color of the new border. The moving of border point also allow you to crop the image.
handle_img_tag('', false) 

4. See the example of blue border:
handle_img_tag('', false)

Hope it will help you. smile

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Re: Adding a border to the pictures for better fitting

thanks for your kind information.