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The virtual visitor of gallery goes too fast, he skips images and goes to places where are no images. I would expect to be more intelligent. I use Camp gallery now. There are tents without images but he walks there instead. When he joins into tent where the images are, he just watchs one image, and then goes out without looking next images. Sorry, but this is stupid. I have nothing from the view. It is too short and I cannot to configurate it. I miss here menu/tools/options to configurate time spent by viewing one image. Otherwise the graphic is good and it could be beneficial if I could play my favourite music from my mp3 playlist.

Your (local machine/client) report sender fails to send report to server and says there is no connection to internet but it is.


Re: Suggestions

Sorry, 4ver, we are not going to update ou? Photo! 3D Album software so you can only use it as is.

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