I have been using Photo 3d screensaver successfully on both xp and 7x64.;) NOW the darn thing is flickering when ever i click new album or attempt to add or delete pictures from an existing album.:| The directory select is flickering all up. I can add directories if i scroll the directory to the top of the flickering list but I can't see to select individual pictures or delete specific pictures fro the added directory as they do not show up in the other lists. Once I added a full directory(folder) only the  pictures in the screensaver do  not produce smooth movement as before.:mad: if this makes sense you pass by the pictures as in low ms response now:P


Dear Photo! 3D Album and Photo! 3D Screensaver users!

We are sorry to say that we have stopped hosting galleries created with Photo! 3D Album software at site. Due to the reasons related to the development of online services, site can no longer be a hosting platform for your 3D albums. However, you can save galleries created with Photo! 3D Album software to your computer and view them locally, burn them to a CD/DVD, or upload them to your own website or a third party hosting service. To save a gallery to your hard drive, click the Share button, but be sure to uncheck the 'Upload to' box.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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