Topic: Problem saving the Photo

After I finish editing, I click File the Save as but when I look at the preview, it only appears to be blank. I don't see anything because its all white.

Can you guys help me out? I don't know whats wrong with it.
Thanks. smile

Re: Problem saving the Photo

Hi linuxrulz36!

Please give more info - are you using an online service, or an offline program. If you are working online, what service are you using, and where exactly do you want to save the file - to your hard drive, to your account, ...?

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Re: Problem saving the Photo

I've run into this with! editor ever since I began using a few years ago.  The photo looks like it saves as a blank but if you check its properties, you will see it saves as a 1 x 1 pixel image!

I've reported this bug before, several times.! editor does this randomly, I've never been able to find any kind of pattern in when it chooses to save a photo as a blank appearing page with the image properties being  1 x 1 pixel size.

It happens often enough that after the first few times I used the program and lost photos when I directed the program to just save and overwrite the original, that I never overwrite originals anymore because the risk of losing the original is so great.

Sometimes I can edit a bunch of photos and it won't do this blank page save.  Other times, it does the blank instead of properly saving the image, every few photos.   

It doesn't seem to be affected by size of photo being saved, lightness or darkness of photo being saved, amount of editing that's been done on the photo whether a lot or very little, number of photos you've edited in your session, it happens in both XP and Vista, on pcs with a lot of disk space and plenty of RAM and on pcs with very little disk space and skimpy RAM.

This bug in saving photos as just blank white pages with properties being 1 x 1 when you check properties in file details, happens totally randomly & its frustrated me for years.

I would LOVE to see this bug fixed too!

Re: Problem saving the Photo

I replied this topic earlier, but my reply has STILL not shown up after plenty of time and many refreshes of the page.  According to the site, the reply had been successfully processed (and what's the purpose of asking people who reply to answer childish grade school level questions? Anyone who mentally isn't capable of answering such questions wouldn't mentally be able to figure out how to use a forum in the first place!  Those questions seem totally pointless except for annoying the posters.)

To add to my reply, I was using! Editor that is installed on my Vista machine but I've had the blank white page save problem happen on my XP machines too.  I've informed the developer in the past about this problem, including accompanying screenshots, several times in the past.

Re: Problem saving the Photo

Spiritwolf, this bug - saving as 1x1 pixel photo is a known bug, but we are not going to fix it. Unfortunately, we don't have enough resources.

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