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February 14, St. Valentine's Day. Do these words make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Oh wait, did some of you just twitch a bit? Haha! Well, i'm just kidding of course. Everyone adores this annual celebration of love and romance. On this wonderful day even the rough and tough men can find a healthy doze of tenderness in their gritty hearts.

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Valentine's cards are what makes this holiday so thrilling and unique. Lovers all over the World reaffirm their love to each other with these tiny but priceless bits of paper. Go ahead and tell your darling how much you love him/her! Or maybe you want to give a Valentine's card to a very special person who's not yet aware that you two are potential soulmates? Great idea, you'll hardly find a better day to fall in love!

Before the digital era people had to create the cards by themselves, which involved a lot of hard manual labour. With Funny you can get as creative, passionate and sincere as with handmade cards, minus the tedious and time-consuming elements of the process.

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Creating a customized Valentine's card with is quick and ridiculously easy.

1) Select a card template or an effect that caught your eye at handle_url_tag('') 

2) Pick and upload the photos from your computer or via URL.

3) After the service has automatically processed your photos, add your personal text to the card.

4) Voila, you can now save the resulting image to your hard drive, send it to your honey via e-mail or grab the link to the e-card (available via the ‘Share’ button) and share it via an instant messenger or social media sites.

Not to brag, but our collection of card templates is quite impressive. Touching or funny, romantic or kinky, simple frames or complicated collages, retro-style or animated – we've got it all.

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Of course, you'd also want to have a Valentine's card handy when you meet your darling in person. We designed some templates specifically to be printer-friendly and resemble a hand made card. What's more, many of our cards are available in HD format, which means you can print them out with no loss in quality.

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Pro tip: If you are a Facebook user, be sure to check out the Stickers app and adorn your favorite photo with hearts, flowers and other Valentine-themed stickers!

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Hidden bonus: This card did not cost you a dime so you can invest more in flowers and candies (or beer and videogames if your Valentine is a guy)!

The quest for the perfect product never ends!

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Great news and great work guys.I really want to congratulate for your work.Keep posting us this type information.We really look forward to your post.

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Thank you very much!

This servise is so funny, my girlfriend loves it)
There are so many language versions, and so simple interface, that even a baby can make his photos better.

Photos like this - the most creative birthday present that I have ever seen;)

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I have tried some of the featured templates a while back, and still finds it very useful until today. smile