Topic: EXIF found! Also a new Deblur tool added! Enjoy 1.1 version!

We are happy to announce that a new 1.1 version of Photo! Editor is released!

The most valuable changes are:

-> new Deblur tool for sharpening blurry images. The tool uses an advanced method that lets improve even heavily blurred pictures.

-> excellent feature for photographers - EXIF information now is being saved! (EXIF - Exchangeable Image File Format - is the metadata tags that cover a broad spectrum:

    * Date and time information.
    * Camera settings.
    * A thumbnail for previewing the picture.
    * Descriptions and copyright information.

->  bug sender mechanism letting you report bugs quickly and easily, or share your suggestions about the program

-> The thing we didn't change - the product is still free )

Enjoy the program! Fell free to share your opinions wink

The quest for the perfect product never ends!