When I use hyperczm - the resulting avi is very jerky and distorted.  Is there a specific adjustment that will allow a good movie.



I just reinstalled the older program with the scrolling screens and see a "this gallery is built by" with a big stop sign.

This totally destroys the ambience of the scenes and photos.

Are all designs going to have that now and how do I get it off?

Thanks   John Hansen  majorhart@sbcglobal.net

Apologies for putting this here - I didn't find a new message link.  I like the scrolling scenery program much better than the newer one - which is much like many others.  Adding audio mp3 or midi would be great too.  A version that can be uploaded to youtube would be great too.

My main question is:  my program does not seem to show all the photos - it scrolls around through the beautiful scenes and stop on and enlarges a few - then back to the scrolling.  I watched though 3 cycles and saw only a few photos displayed and enlarged.  Is there an adjustment or how many photos can this handle.  Keep up the great work.  JakeArlen


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Well I can't say I solved the problem but I still always had Computer 2 working with the web album.  I reinstalled everything and still got the same.

So with computer 1 on the network - I started doing system restores back a couple at a time and now it works - I found one that apparently was set before I installed something.

So I'm happy and it's working.

I have tried various screen captures to get an avi file including the registered hypercam I had, camstudio, etc and nothing has give me a good enough video to upload to youtube.  Since camtasia is $300.00 that's not even in my league so I have given up on uploading to youtube until someone comes up with a converter from exe2avi - the one I have that says it will do that won't eve find my files.  Camtasia I don't even know if it would produce a good video or not but I'm nowhere near able to afford that.


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I checked this morning and find that on computer #2 on my network the

handle_url_tag('http://stjoseph-online.com/webflash') works

SO it must be something on this computer that is stopping it.

I run norton360 and spyware doctor on both so it shouldn't be that.

I don't have any viruses according to a recent scan.



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".str_replace(array('[', '\"'), array('[', '"'), 'Pho.to_admin')." ".$lang_common['wrote'].":

"Hello JakeArlen!

Thank you very much for your feedback smile

Can you give us a link on an errol web 3D album, please?

We will check the problem and try to fix.

As for screen capturing - you can use any screen recording software to get avi. For example, Camtasia Studio.

Yes the link is handle_url_tag('http://stjoseph-online.com/webflash')

This shockwave movie has errors that have caused playback problems.  Please contact the author of this content regarding this problem.  Shockwave is unable to continue. OK

This is what happens when I try to run my website movie.

It worked before but not now.  I also uploaded it to another of my websites - with the same result.

This is the program with nightlife, mountains, saloon, etc. and it is absolutely great.  I do wish is (the exe) could be converted to avi too

I tried a screen capture with hypercam and it did not work.  The program with the moving scenery is far better than the other one in my view - it's an entertainment all by itself, and the graphics are beautiful.