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I was just wondering if this thing works on most of OS? Thanks smile

This is really fun, thanks for giving me the idea. smile


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I guess the best possible way to do it is to try edit some areas of the photos like the background then go back to this site and upload the edited photo. smile

At least I have the Idea now on what or where to go when I feel like removing some photos. Thanks for sharing the step by step procedure, especially when I want to edit the content of the album i am going to create. Thanks wink

Hahaha! I was really laughing hard at the edited photos. Pretty impressive and very funny. smile


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Thats very true, I do have the same photo editor from 1989 when I bought mustek scanner. I still find it very useful and very user friendly. though I'm trying to explore pho.to to get a better idea on photo editing and enhancing. smile

The sunny color filter enhance photo look pretty amazing.

Great! This I think is the best way to modify an image.

LOL! I did try the application and found it very funny and entertaining. Thanks for the great idea. smile

Never really thought this kind of album in 3D existed. I guess theres so much more for me to learn by just reading this post.

Awesome! the photos seem to look very natural. Thanks for sharing all of these. smile

Wow! I think this is great! smile

This seems very interesting, the enhance photo seems to be very far more better. Thanks for showing us another great idea.


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Wow! Are these photos edited? especially the clouds photo. Just wanna ask cause they're awesome.


Is there a trial version for this? Just wanna ask. Thanks smile

This sounds great! I going to give it a try, hope this works smile


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You've mentioned about recreating the album. Does this mean we need to add the new photo and  re upload the entire album?

I thought its difficult but find it easy and versatile application. Thanks smile