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I thought its difficult but find it easy and versatile application. Thanks smile


I must really try this out then. I'm entirely new to the entire concept of photo-editing, I this a good programm to start with?


good its versatile.  its very good service and great picture's .:)


Dear VesperSun!

Unfortunately we have not the option for manual tool use and can't restrict certain areas from the face from correction. But we'll think of how we can perform it!


Thank you for this lovely service. I have just one question - is it possible to manually use the tool or restrict certain areas from the face from correction@. The problem is that after the auto reduction (wrinkle remover function) half of the eyebrows dissapeared...:/ Save for this, the picture looks great smile


i should be thankful to you for this wonderful tutorial. i am really happy to be here. well i will edit some of my photos using the instruction given here. thanks anyway.


it is really a nice feeling that there are some web masters there to help through discussion and suggestion. i am really happy to be here. the tutorial you have presented here is really helpful. i have just gone through the whole tutorial and i think it's very easy to do. anyway i am thinking to edit some of my photos using the instruction given here. thanks anyway.


I wish you'd make a portable offline version of your online photo apps because many times I don't have access to the internet when I'm working on editing photographs & at those times I've wanted very much to be able to use apps such as Makeup Photo and was frustrated that it isn't available offline.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has to do much of their photo editing work offline.  I know many people who only have internet connection when they're at school or work, not at home and making your tools available offline would mean people aren't restricted to only being able to use them at times when they're at school or work or the library AND at times when they have enough time on the school, work, or library computer to be able to edit photos before their time is up and its time for the next user to take a turn.

There are MANY areas of the USA where most people don't have internet access at home, for instance most homes on Indian Reservations don't have internet access or cable tv or other such amenities that many of the rest of us take for granted.  Yet children  on the rez will be assigned homework to do online which means going to the library or school computer and waiting in line to try to get a chance to get online.  Adults in such places often can only get online by going to the library and hoping that with all the school kids and other adults needing to get online, that they get a turn too.  People download things at the library and take them home to use on their own computers, providing they even have a computer.  After all, in places such as the rez, you will even see plenty of people still using the old wringer washing machines and drying their laundry on a clothesline even in wintertime!  In most parts of the country, people have never even SEEN an old wringer washing machine!


Just tried this...darn my picture looks amazing now! Took a bit of time at first, but I'm getting the hang of it.


It's a very versatile application.


this is a pretty cool's like being a virtual make up artist



The Crop tool is already included into Enhancement Platform, and it is available at our handle_url_tag('') service


Actually this is related to the Enhancement Platform, but since this place is more active I'll take advantage of it.

My question is simply this: Can I include the cropping tool in the platform?


This tutorial help me a lot in handle_url_tag('', 'retouch image'),thanks for this please keep updated to your post. big_smile



".str_replace(array('[', '\"'), array('[', '"'), 'Pho.to_admin')." ".$lang_common['wrote'].":

"This tutorial shows a simple technique you can use to enhance your portraits. We will focus on retouching the skin, the eyes, the teeth (whitening) and creating "soft focus" effect. Follow this tutorial to learn how to improve any portrait quickly and easily.


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