Topic: German characters (Ä,Ü,Ö) not processed


I tried to modify a template to fit my needs. I integrated words with german characters like ä, ö, ü. I also changed the declaration in the documents.

The output (webpage) I receive does not show these characters, they are not integrated in the html source code. Does the program itself loose these characters while processing the html source code?

The same goes for the xml-File with the description of a template. Photo! Web Album doesn't show these characters.

Our did I oversee anything I need to / can change by myself to make this work?


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Re: German characters (Ä,Ü,Ö) not processed

... Issue solved ...

seems as I had to convert the basic document to utf-8 in my editor (notepad++) first. Now using "utf-8" in the page declaration again (instead of iso-8859-1) the output is displayed correct.

(if that is really the whole truth I can't recapitulate, it just worked in this way on my system)