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Cool! this is very impressive!


Wow! I think this is great! smile


Appreciable service




Appreciable service!!!


Wow! it's looking great. I can't believe that I'll look myself as Avatar!!!

Brilliant work!!!


Watch the new video made with effects (click on an image to watch the video):

handle_url_tag('', 'handle_img_tag('', false)')


Thank you for notification, phchiu!

Now is fixed and works very well!


I love the animated editor of this site, but I logged in today and it doesn't seem to work. All the gif options are gone and replaced with this and no options to make an animated avatar:

Make your own animated avatar. Cool photo effects for free

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What kind of avatars can I make at avatar creator?

This online avatar generator has a huge collection of avatar templates. There are dozens of fun effects you can apply to your face photo to make it an avatar. It takes just a few seconds and a few mouse clicks to turn your photo into a cool gif animation or an awesome stati? avatar. Want something more gorgeous than a usual smiley avatar or emoticons avatar? Animate your face, make it smile, wink or look surprised, and get a unique animated avatar made from your face photo! Or, may be, you want to matrix your avatar, make an X-Ray scanning online or make a na’vi avatar? All this is possible at, for free and without registration.
How to adjust your avatar at generator?

You will find more than 70 unique avatar templates at It takes just a few seconds to apply any of them to your photo – just select an effect and upload your face photo from your computer or via an url. After you have generated your avatar, add final touches to it - adjust its size (it can be 50x50, or other size), change animation speed and the number of frames for animated avatars. It is also possible to add sparkling text to your avatar. Finally, save your avatar to your computer, or to a free hosting on site.

A few tips: if you want to create an avatar from more than one photo, use templates from the Fun Slideshows group. If you want to make a really funny avatar from your face photo, apply effects from Emotion Avatars group.

Anyway, forget about old boring avatars and get ready to attract more friends online with fantastic avatars made at!


big_smile "

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"Cool service, thnx
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"great service man. Just made some impressive avtars  lol

Thanks Jack! We are glad to be useful))


great service man. Just made some impressive avtars  lol


Neat idea. Thanks for the step by step.:)


Cool service, thnx
handle_img_tag('', false)


Want to create the coolest avatar? At handle_url_tag('', 'Avatar Photo! service') you can animate your face, put yourself in the matrix, see your face become a fun kaleidoscope, and much much more! tongue

See how you can do it:

1) Open handle_url_tag('') page. You'll see the list of effects. Click on an effect preview to choose it. After this, you'll be immediately taken to step 2.

                handle_img_tag('', false)

2) At step 2 you need to upload your photo. Click "From disk" to select a photo from your computer, or "Enter URL" to upload a picture via URL. You can also choose a picture from the list of samples, or from the list of your previously uploaded photos.

               handle_img_tag('', false)

(For some effects, you will need to select more than one photo. In this case, select several photos one by one.)

3) Here you are!

              handle_img_tag('', false)

The options to the left of the picture let you modify the result to your liking:

- adjust avatar size;
- choose the cropping mode (use only face or the whole image);
- disable animation in case you want a static avatar;
- adjust number of frames and animation speed;
- and add your text to the avatar.

Now you most probably want to save your avatar. It's easy and free - just choose the saving option you like more:

[*]Save to disk[/*]
[*]or Share it (even without registration! smile)[/*]
[*]or Save to account and host it on site forever [/*]
', '*')

When you Share your avatar or Save it to account, the site generates a page where your image will be stored in flash environment. It is very convenient: you can add a description to an image and get its embed code for easy posting on any site or blog. It is also possible to set the access for the image(if you don't want anybody to download your picture with a right-click wink ).

Tip: If you like the result and want others to see it, click "Share it" button on the panel to the right and make the picture available to site visitors.

handle_img_tag('', false)

If you want to apply another avatar effect to the same photo, click the "Change effect" button. If you want to try another photo with the same effect, click the "Change photo" button. If you want to start from the very beginning, click the "Start again" button.

Let us know what other effects you'd like to see. We will implement the most interesting ideas.

P.S. It seems like many people came to this topic wishing to make a Navi avatar from their photo.
Rigth like this:

handle_img_tag('', false) => handle_url_tag('', 'handle_img_tag('', false)')

You can make Na'vi avatar from your own photo for free in several seconds at the following pages:
1) handle_url_tag('') - animated avatar
2) handle_url_tag('') - static avatar

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