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Re: Photos cannot get small enough to totally fit into "glossy Magazine"

We will be glad to fix the bugs and make the service even more convenient!

I received a reply which wasn't helpful enough.  It told me to try  cropping/not cropping the photo using the square above the working area.  Of course I tried both of those options as well as reducing the entire photo to a very tiny size (21 KB) nothing worked.   The top of the head (hair) and neck are cut off.   I was told to send you the  images for you to do it and tell me how, but I don't know how  to get them to you.  Actually, I can no longer even find the location where I first read your reply to me.

I'm trying to put a photo (head and neck shot) into "Glossy Magazine" under the catagory "Funny Photo".  However, not matter how small I reduce it....even 2x1.3333 inches, which is 21.8 KB, the top of the head (all the hair) and the neck is cut off.  I checked the box above my finished photo which says "Auto crop face", but it doesn't let me include the full head and neck.  The sample of Brittany Spears' show her whole face and chest, and background space around her body.  I want mine that way, but can't figure out how to do it.  If I could get a response to my email or at least a notification that there is a response here, I would appreciate it.  erm60446@yahoo.com   Ellie