Hi! I've got an idea about new template! Meet my Christmas Ball!

handle_url_tag('http://jamesb.pho.to/albums/christmas_ball_1', 'Christmas Ball Magazine')

The picture was done with Photoshop CS cool

P.S. I can't find how to upload a picture on this forum - so I used a widget cool


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"Do you want us to translate only 3D widget page?
Can you help us with translation?

Well, I think why don't you make a mirror sites in different languages? The best thing is 3d widget, book and manuscript especially, but maybe other people like other products. smile  And, for example, there would be some buttons on the top of each page - English/French/German/Italian/...  Many sites do this.

What about help u with translation. I didn't think about it smile I just don't know how to do it. Do u need some file like a dictionary, where all words from 3D widget page are translaten ('select photo"- "auswählen foto", etc...)? Or maybe you've got a special software for site-translation, do u?

I liked 3d widget and I wanted to share it my friend in Austria, but she doesn't speak English. sad
Do u plan to make an alternate 3d widget web-page on different languages, such as German or French or Italian?


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I've got a Bright idea! cool

U see, when I upload 1 photo in PHOTO! 3D WIDGET to view in Space Station, I can't see them. I found only 1 frame with the photo. I want MANY frames, as when I upload many photos!

I know, u can do it, because when I use Magazine there are MANY photos on pages of a magazine! wink 
4example, my album here: handle_url_tag('http://jamesb.pho.to/albums/jerry_hall_in_a_magazine/')