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Hi All,

I have quit smoking for these three reasons.

1. HEALTH- from what i'm reading, having your family watch you die too soon from a smoking related illness seems to top everyone's fears. i got my first vision of that a month ago, when i was sick and coughed up nasty bloody stuff. i have 4 kids, 8,6,5,and 3. i didn't sleep all night that night cause i thought i was dying of cancer. i has takin me a couple of tries since then, and a couple more health scares(pluracy, and chest x-rays) to get me going for good. i'm on day 2 now. it just amazes me how much fear smokers live with day in and day out. why would we willingly kill ourselves? anyway you look at it, it's suicide. slow suicide. i don't want to live with that fear anymore. or put my family through pain and sufferring sometime in the future. i'm only 28, if i'm getting sick all the time now after 10 yrs of smoking, i'd hate to see myself at 38 with 20 yrs of smoking.

2.MONEY- as i have said, we have 2 kids. we live pay check to pay check. i can't afford to smoke. it's funny, well, not really funny, but we are always broke. my kids need something, they have to wait until payday. something unexpected comes up, we run out of laundry detergent, or light bulbs, my kids need new shoes, etc., etc., we don't have the money and it has to wait. but who has cigarettes everyday?? i would tear the house apart for change, and buy cigarettes in dimes, nickels, and pennies(at $6.37 a pack, that's embarressing), but i would say oh well to what we needed. plus there are little things. i wouldn't buy stuff i needed to take care of myself. my mother in law gets me an estee lauder make up set every christmas. that was my make-up for the YEAR. i went one summer with out shaving my legs, and wore pants, because money was real tight, so every cent i got had to go to cigarettes. i could sit here all day with stories like this. bottom line, i need the money to take care of me and my family.

3)MYSELF- i really needed to start taking care of myself. my oldest daughter is almost a teenager, and who's gonna teach her how to be a lady? me. all i've shown her is how to kill yourself by smoking. and she's always telling me how bad i smell, aand some nights she won't even give me a kiss good night. i want to start doing all the things girls do. wash my face, paint my nails, take a bubble bath, put more time into the house. you know, i don't even own a pair of pajamas, because i smoked outside, so i couldn't wear them anyway. i would sit every night in the winter with my coat and boats on, even while i was watching tv, because i was going to have to go back out for another smoke at some point, so why take it off??


Thanks for updating such a useful information. I will surely try my hands on to see how does it works.



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Hi Sytropin.

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