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I find that almost all redeye programs only detect the color red. This is not the case for color blinded handle_url_tag('http://www.dogbuffs.com', 'dog and cat supplements'): (They have bluish or yellow reflections. Is there an easy and quick means of removing this so called "redeye" reflection for animal photos?

GIMP is useful for this. Just use the fuzzy select tool and pick out the pupils. Apply it only to the channel that has the best contrast between iris and pupil. Usually this is the green channel.

Bring up the Layers dialog (Ctrl+L) and click on the Channels tab. Turn off visibility for the Red channel by clicking on the "eye" next to it. Then deselect the Red and Blue channels by clicking on them.

The Layers dialog should look like at right, with only the Green channel highlighted. Double-click the fuzzy select tool to see the tool options. You'll need to experiment with the Threshold setting, but generally you'll want to increase it from the default. You should also check the Feather option and give it a small amount as shown.

Now click on the red part of one pupil. You should see it select most of the pupil. If it doesn't, clear the selection (Shift+Ctrl+A), increase the Threshold value slightly and try again. Conversely, if areas outside the pupil are selected, clear the selection, reduce the Threshold and try again.