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Then you should use version 1.1


Thank you for your prompt reply.

Well I cannot understand as if I generate a gallery with version 1.1 of Photo 3d Album then it works fine with Win7 and Vista.
With current version 1.2, it does not work with BOTH Vista and Windows 7...


Hi Sebastian!

That's because this product (Photo! Web Album) was not updated for Win 7.



I am doing some tests by simply exporting a gallery onto my web page to see it could be integrated in my HTML Pages.
When I am accessing the gallery from a Client running Windows XP it works very fine BUT if the client is running Windows 7 or Vista then the gallery is VERY slow to load and at the end very slow (Unusable) when trying to navigate inside the gallery...
Tried to re-install Flash Plug-in several times and different versions (10 and 11.5) but nothing fix the issue...

Surprisingly the gallery run like a charm when accessed from an XP machine, Does not work with Vista nor Win7 BUT the simulation module (.exe) does work under Win7 and I edited the gallery under Win7 as well...

Anybody with similar experience ?
Is there any parameter I need to change or is it a known issue? If it is the case, will it be fixed?

For me incompatibility with Vista AND Win7 is a show stopper unfortunately...

Many thanks in advance for any feedback and help.

Best regards,

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