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Great! This I think is the best way to modify an image.


Wow! this is really funny. Thanks for sharing this great idea.


Hi boon!

Sorry, you can not make the mouth smile without any changes to the eyes, but we'll think about performing such functionality. smile


Can I just make the mouth smile without any changes to the eyes?


Hehe, I've been playing with this for awhile and I like it!


i tried to do that stuff to my images and it worked for me realy funny ! big_smile


wheew!!! that was so great...Thank for sharing that site. I'll gonna try cartoonize my photos.. big_smile


This tutorial will show you how to change facial emotions in portrait photos and create funniest face animations with handle_url_tag('', '') service.

See how you can modify face photos at You can make a face smile, wink, raise a brow, look sad or surprised and so on! Mona Lisa looks cool, doesn't she? wink

handle_img_tag('', false)

You can also animate a face, like this:
handle_img_tag('', false)

Besides, there is a set of 'freaky' face effects, and an ability to create cartoon-like pictures from your photos.  See what you can do with Gregory House picture:

This is the original image:
handle_img_tag('', false)

And these are some possible changes:
handle_img_tag('', false)  handle_img_tag('', false)  handle_img_tag('', false)

The cartoon effect:
handle_img_tag('', false)

So how you can do all this?

1) First, open handle_url_tag('', '') and upload a photo either from your computer or from the web:
Note! The face on the photo must be large enough to detect it automatically. The algorithm shows much better results on high-resolution images

handle_img_tag('', false)

2) As soon as your photo is uploaded, it will be cartoonized.
Also you will see a settings panel with a list of available effects and controls (animation controls are avalaible for emotion effects only).
The Face auto crop option lets you crop a face from your photo automatically.

By default, the 'smile' emotion is applied. Choose other effects by checking other radio buttons.

                handle_img_tag('', false)

Tip: To compare the original and the resulting images,  switch between the 'Source' and 'Result' buttons.

Tip #2: If you like the resulting image and feel like showing it off to the whole world, click the 'Share it' button on the panel to the right:

                handle_img_tag('', false)

3) Now save or share the resulting image any way you like:

                       handle_img_tag('', false)

[*]Share it easily to any site or blog with the given codes; get short URLs to post the image on Twitter or anywhere else; or post it instantly to a social network (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others) with a button click![/*]
[*]Save it to disk[/*]
[*]or Send it as an e-card (you can create a fun e-card with your resulting image and send it to a friend) [/*]
', '*')

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