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Thanks!! My problem is finally solved!


Have you checked your Power settings on the Display properties?
Make sure the time is set for a longer period than the time you want your screen saver to come on  and run for.


I don't know what is wrong but I have xp and everything works ok.


Without music, yes, it work, but I want to have music...


Thanks!! My problem is finally solved!  big_smile


This is so cool


Has this problem ever been solved.  I cannot get Photo 3d! to stay as my screensaver.  After choosing it and configuring the settings, I close "Display".  When I go back, it states "None" as my screensaver.  I use Win XP SP3 with plenty of memory and disk space.


I followed the instructions and I don't have any music included, yet my screensaver does not kick in after the set time.

the log file is empty though, so i can't send it. sad


To everyone with the same problem (when screensaver did not start):

1) Try to start a screensaver without adding music files. Does it works?

2) Send us, please, Screensaver logs after the moment when you set it like your active screensaver and it did not start after a minute, for example.

The logs are in the folder “C:\Program Files\Photo!\Photo! 3D Album\Bin\”, with the names “Photo! 3D Screensaver.log” and “Photo! 3D ScreensaverIrr.log”.

Thank you in advance for your help!


We are working with the problem


same problem-what a load of rubbish!:(


Yes I Have the same problem in XP SP3 and in my vista machine also every thing is there but it will not set I have even unistaled it and reinstaled it with out any luck so what is going on here can any one tell us any thing at all ,,,,,, use to work great but now its garbage like every thing eles


I have Win Xp SP3 and i create my own screensavers in Visualbasic, so I am fairly familiar with ScreenSavers.

I see that the "Photo! 3D Screensaver" is listed in Win screen saver drop down menu but after setting it, I close the "Display properties" dialogue and the Screensaver does not take effect after a minute has expired. When I go back into the "Display Properties" dialogue I see that the screen saver is reset to "None".

Can anybody give me some pointers?

I asked a friend in MN, USA to install on her Win Vista and she gets the same results.

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